Mother's Day Gifts for Golfers

Mother's Day Gifts for Golfers

If you’re mother loves golf, get her a Players Towel this Mother’s Day! Players Towel has become the most popular accessory in the world of women’s golf and is now the most used towel on the LPGA Tour! Women love them because they look great and they work better!

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If you’re looking for a way to WOW your guests, consider Players Towel. Invented by a former tour caddy, Players Towel addresses dysfunctional alternatives with superior craftsmanship and unlimited customization features. Players Towels not only work better but they look great and will speak to your cause for months and years after your golf tournament is over!

Golf Tournament Gifts

Golf Tournament Gifts

With Players Towel, you can choose Custom Logos, Fonts, Multiple Lines of Text (including taglines), Color Combos and lots more. Shirts find themselves in the closet and promotional golf balls get lost. Players Towels go with your guests every time they play golf. And, only Players Towel continues to promote your event long after it is over. They make perfect golf tournament gifts!

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Golf Swing Tips. How To Finish The Golf Swing.

Posted on 04 23, 2012 by Editor

In this video, Golf Digest Magazine Instructor Peter Morrice talks about proper weight distribution at impact. He refers to Instructor Sean Foley and student Hunter Mahan and how they addressed the impact problems that Hunter faced. Weight distribution at impact is something that many players and teachers overlook. Improper weight distribution is one of the biggest problems that all golfers face and Mr. Morrice addresses it beautifully with a simple solution! Enjoy!

We hope you learn something today! PLAY WEL!


Golf Tips-The Flop Shot

Posted on 04 20, 2012 by Editor

Nobody in the history of golf can hit the flop shot like Phil Mickelson. Listening to him analyze the flop shows that he has spent hours upon hours practicing and studying his craft. His skill level is off the charts, but he offers up tips that anyone can practice and get good at! There is not much to expound on. What could anyone add to the advice of the flop shot master! Just watch and learn!

We hope you learn something today! PLAY WEL!

Players Towel Facebook Giveaways

Players Towel Facebook Giveaways Winner Stacy Lowe

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If you’ve never heard of Players Towel, we are the Number 1 Accessory on the PGA, LPGA and European Tours! Players Towel was born from the ambition of a frustrated caddy. Tired of ugly bath towels and wash cloth sized rags, he developed the product that has revolutionized the golf towel. With an emphasis on form and function, Players Towels simply work better and look great.

Waffled Microfiber

Players Towel is the first caddy towel that was constructed of the durable, functionally superior waffle microfiber pattern. The waffled construct leaves more room for dirt removal and allows for Players Towel to absorb many times the amount of liquid than other towels. With Players Towel you simply get the best! Why else would more professionals choose Players Towel over any other options out there?

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If you’ve never been to Augusta National the week of the Masters Tournament, it is an experience that every golf enthusiast should live at least once. It is the one tournament in golf that may have more for the fans during the practice rounds than during the actual tournament. After all, for golf lovers, seeing the course for the first time is as awe inspiring as watching players navigate the golf course.

Entering Augusta National is not like entering any other place in the game. As you walk through the gates, there is virtually no sign of the golf course anywhere. There is a small courtyard with a food court, a pro shop and restrooms. It feels like an amusement park meets a botanical garden. From there you wind through pine forest for a while as you finally see fairways peaking through the trees. The elevation changes surprise anyone who sees the course for the first time.

After walking the course, my brother and I found a spot in the grandstands between the 15th and 16th holes. We watched as players hit second shots into the par 5 then turned around and watched the same players skip balls over the pond on the 16th – a tradition that has developed in recent years. Martin’s incredible shot reminds me of that day. It truly was a day to remember and an experience of a lifetime.


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Players Towel Facebook Giveaways

Congratulations Ben Warnquist!

If you’re not familiar with Players Towel, it is the hottest accessory in the game of golf. Several years ago, a frustrated tour caddy was searching for a solution to cumbersome bath towels and dysfunctional three fold towels. What he created is the original caddy towel and the new standard in form and function when it comes to golf towels. Light weight waffled microfiber is why Players Towels can remove dirt better and absorb many times the amount of liquid that traditional towels can. Why else would Players Towel be Number 1 on the PGA, LPGA and European Tours?

The Winner’s Choice

Since the beginning, many great players have preferred our caddy towels over the alternatives. With dozens of worldwide wins, including several major championships, Players Towel is proud to be considered the choice of winning professionals in the game of golf. Thanks to all the great players and all of our great fans for your support. PLAY WEL!


Golf Tips-How To Cure The Shanks!

Posted on 03 24, 2012 by Editor

PGA Professional, Jon Paupore, explains what cause the shanks and how to use a simple drill to eliminate them. Balance is the key! As he states, the shank is caused by the hips moving over the toes and/or to the left introducing the hosel to the ball at impact. There is no room to deliver the club. It’s getting stuck to the extreme.

The good news is the cure is simple! You can try the Tin Cup technique by turning your hat backward and moving your pocket change from one side to another, but if you really want to say good bye to the shanks, take heed to Jon’s advice. Stay balanced and over the center or balls of your feet and feel like your rear end stays behind your feet throughout the swing.

The balance drill he describes uses Dyna Discs but if you don’t have access to them, you can roll up a towel into a log and aim it down the target line. You then stand on the towel feeling as though the towel is running through your arches. Take practice swings feeling as though your toes and heels remain equidistant from the ground in your backswing. You’ll notice that that your lower body muscles will engage creating a feeling of stability. This is what you want to feel like when you swing – like an athlete!

After you take some practice swings, hit a few chips shots then pitches and on to the full swing. Remember, golf is deceptively simple! If something goes wrong, ALWAYS turn your attention to the basic fundamentals. Is your grip right? Is your balance and set up athletic? Is your tempo in sync?

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Who better to learn short game shots from than the brilliant Phil Mickelson? This is the best bunker lesson we could find on YouTube! Phil has been a magician with the wedge for as long as he’s been a household name and, top to bottom, this video will offer up advice, tips and ideas that will make you a better all around golfer.

One of the concepts Phil talks about is having his hands continue to lead the shot through the finish. Amateurs and high handicappers seem to miss this idea. The flip, the scoop and the over the top shots are often caused by the club and the extremities moving out of unison. It is so important to lead the golf club throughout the shot.

A great way to engrain this feeling is with a 2X4 block that is about a foot or 2 long. Place the block on the ground parallel with the target line. Place the club head behind the block and push it down the line and through to the finish position. You should feel like your pulling the golf club toward the target. This is a great way to get familiar with the proper impact position whether you’re in a bunker or in the middle of the fairway.

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Playing great golf is a discipline. Like the martial arts, it takes hours of practice, physical strength and a quiet mind. Also, if you want to play at a high level, you’ve got to concede to the nature of game by letting go of self consciousness and ego – the biggest distractions from the simplicity of golf.

Have you ever wondered what being in the moment really means? It means that you are focused on the shot! That’s it. That’s ALL there is on the golf course – the task at hand. Most of us get our psyches focused on useless concerns about how we’re perceived or why the little guy we’re paired with is hitting it 25 yards by us. How can anyone be expected to perform with those thoughts?

The good news is it is a part of growing into the game. If you find yourself being distracted by negative thoughts, your ego or anything other than the shot at hand, don’t give up the game! You are experiencing what all golfers go through in the maturation process of a player. It is true that it takes longer for some of us but ALL of us have to learn to stay focused!

“The only thing in golf that matters is the ball, the hole and the grass in between.” ~ Anonymous

Stay In The Moment!

Stay in the moment! Easier said than done right? Actually it is not that hard! Most of us are not going to be facing US Open pressure anytime soon! Even then, the player who can stay focused on the simplicity of the shot usually performs best down the stretch. The first rule is to not judge! At least judge a little less harshly! What does this mean?

Imagine you just smacked a drive 280, down the middle on that par 5 that normally drives you nuts. Second shot, down the middle and solid! You’re 50 yards from the pin with lots of green to work with. You start thinking, “Payback time baby…easy birdie.” Then you flub your chip and angrily scull the fourth shot over the green. What now? Lots of days have been ruined by lesser moments. Why did this happen?

Rewind – you approach your third shot. You start thinking about all the other times you’ve played the hole. You say to yourself, “Payback time baby…easy birdie.” Except this time before you hit the shot, you check yourself. “Ok. Forget about the last time I played this hole. What shot do I need to hit? How is my lie? Do I want to hit the ball low or high? Where do I want to land the ball? Where do I want the ball to end up?” YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY IN THE MOMENT!

Does this guarantee that you’ll hit a good shot? Of course not. But it will guarantee that you’ll play better more often. And, if you don’t hit the shot you want, the best thing to do is start focusing on the next shot! What else is there? All you ever have in golf is the next shot, PERIOD!
Questions are the Answer!

So how do you get good at this? Go to the range and play golf. After you warm up, imagine you’re on your home course and play the first shot. Ask yourself, “What is the shot here? What is going to play to my strengths?” Then play the shot! Put the club back in the bag and wait a minute. Picture the second shot based on where the first went. Ask again, “What is the shot here?” and so on. Do you get the point?

Golf is not hitting the ball. Golf is about playing the shot! So every now and then, practice GOLF not the swing. And the best way to do this is with a series of questions – How is my lie? Do I want to hit the ball high or low? How far do I want to hit the ball? Where do I want to land the ball? Where do I want the ball to end up? These questions are designed to get you in the moment and focused on golf, not your ego or your partners or the last time you played, etc.

We hope you learned something today! Thanks for visiting and, as always, PLAY WEL!