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Players Towel-A Look Back At 2011

Posted on Dec 28, 2011 by Editor

As we graciously reflect on 2011, we stand in awe and appreciation at the popularity that Players Towel is experiencing.


Golf Putting Tips–Putt Through The Gates!

Posted on Dec 13, 2011 by Editor

The best putting tips are usually focused on visualization and imagination. Most people have a hard time grasping concepts that involve mechanics or pay too much attention to details outside of what a putt really is – line + speed.


Congratulations to Mike Clark, the latest Players Towel Sweepstakes Winner! Very cool towel Mike. Well Designed!


Golf Giveaways! Congratulations Mike Rech!

Posted on Dec 01, 2011 by Editor

Congratulations to MIKE RECH for winning the Players Towel Weekly Golf Giveaways Sweepstakes! Awesome towel Mike! Remember fans, our contest is a perpetual, weekly giveaway.