Who better to learn short game shots from than the brilliant Phil Mickelson? This is the best bunker lesson we could find on YouTube! Phil has been a magician with the wedge for as long as he’s been a household name and, top to bottom, this video will offer up advice, tips and ideas that will make you a better all around golfer.

One of the concepts Phil talks about is having his hands continue to lead the shot through the finish. Amateurs and high handicappers seem to miss this idea. The flip, the scoop and the over the top shots are often caused by the club and the extremities moving out of unison. It is so important to lead the golf club throughout the shot.

A great way to engrain this feeling is with a 2X4 block that is about a foot or 2 long. Place the block on the ground parallel with the target line. Place the club head behind the block and push it down the line and through to the finish position. You should feel like your pulling the golf club toward the target. This is a great way to get familiar with the proper impact position whether you’re in a bunker or in the middle of the fairway.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you learned something today! PLAY WEL!

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