Kenny Perry, one of the most consistent drivers of the golf ball that the PGA Tour has ever seen, describes how balance and tempo are responsible for his success off the tee. If you struggle with consistency, you likely struggle with these two swing factors. How many times have you seen amateurs and high handicappers swing too fast and lose their balance? More often than not!

Balance and Tempo Drills

If you struggle with balance and tempo, try using a cadence in your head. What does this mean? As you take your practice swings, use the One-Two cadence to control the tempo of your swing. There should be a reasonable pause in between. You will know when the temp is right because the back swing will feel slower and you will finish balanced. If you lose your balance, slow the cadence. Be deliberate and find your speed. Once you have your tempo down, it won’t hurt to incorporate this cadence into your pre-shot routine.

Success Leaves Clues

When you’re struggling, learn from pros like Kenny Perry or your local PGA Professional. Don’t listen to the 20 handicap on the range! Nothing against a 20 handicapper but success leaves clues! Did you notice how simple Mr. Perry’s advice was? The fundamentals are always simple and applicable and great players and teachers always focus on the fundamentals!

We hope you learned something today! Thanks for visiting Players Towel Blog and, As Always, Play Wel!

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