The best putting tips are usually focused on visualization and imagination. Most people have a hard time grasping concepts that involve mechanics or pay too much attention to details outside of what a putt really is – line + speed. That is IT! You can have an imperfect stroke and be a great putter. The PGA, LPGA and European Tours are full of them. What ALL great putters DO have in common is there attention to breaks, speed and visualization. Watch as Rick Sessinghaus’ simple putting tip on Golf Tips Magazine’s YouTube Channel illustrates this point beautifully.

The great Dave Pelz once said that every putt is a straight putt. What did he mean by this? As in Rick’s video example with the “Gates”, Pelz explains that once the initial direction of the putt is determined, the only factor remaining is speed. Simply line up to the “launch line” and stroke the putt at the proper speed – as if it were a straight putt. Remember, when you practice your putting, give at least 75% of your attention to distance and direction. If you get good at both, you WILL be a great putter!

We hope you learned something today! Thanks for stopping by and, as always, PLAY WEL!

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