Yes, the title reads “Pray for your putting!” What I’m referring to is a drill that transformed my putting years ago. An old pro out of Long Beach, Ca taught me to put my hands together in the way you see people traditionally praying – except with the putter grip between the palms. What this does is instantly reduce the role of the hands and wrists. It also forces you to do what all great putters do – activate the shoulders, encouraging a pendulum stroke.

When you practice with this putting drill, use mid range putts from 10 to 15 feet. It is important, as with most drills, to not get fixated on making putts! In fact, don’t putt to a hole. Set up about 15 feet from the edge of the green and use this grip to try to get your ball to kiss the edge of the green on its final roll. Also, be aware of the muscles that are working to swing the putter. This is a great pre-round drill in that it heightens your kinesthetic awareness without you having to thinking about it!

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