Watch as this instructor from PCGolfSwing’s YouTube Channel explains how to effectively work the drill that we’ve all seen Tiger and others on tour do so often – swing with the golf glove under the arms. Unfortunately, few of us really understand the purpose of the drill. We try it and give up quickly as it is very uncomfortable if done improperly.
Staying Connected
“You need to stay connected!” Just saying it is not enough to understand what it means! What it REALLY means is for your upper arms to move in unison with your torso. Basically being disconnected is having your arms and elbows moving off plane. But, rather than focus on what disconnected means, this simple drill reinforces the RIGHT feeling if done properly.
Practice, Practice, Practice!
This one takes time! If you do this DRILL properly, your swing will feel VERY short. You can use a glove, a towel (Players Towel of course), or golf club. If you choose a golf club, do not try to hit balls. Place the club under your arms as close to your arm pits as you can. This is just to create a feeling of how the take away should feel. With the towel or glove, start with practice swings, followed with chips, then pitches, then full swings. The key is to be slow and deliberate when practicing this drill. You will soon begin to understand what if feels like to be connected!
If you find a drill that makes a positive impression on your golf swing, incorporate it into your routine. Tiger Woods is the perfect example! Since he has been working with Sean Foley, you see him using the glove under the arm while taking practice swings during tournaments and, for awhile, in his pre-shot routine. He understands that repetition is the mother of skill. And, if you’re willing to work and be diligent, that skill will become second nature!
Thanks for stopping by. We hope you learned something today and, as always, PLAY WEL!

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