When I saw the title of this video, I had no idea that it would turn into a lesson on the right hand grip. It makes sense! The only connection between you and your club is the hands. No clubs will reveal your grip flaws like the long irons. You simply cannot get away with an overly strong or weak grip. It is the reason that most mid to high handicappers run for the hybrids.  And rightfully so!

If you’re a player with the will or need to master the long irons, then take heed to Brandel Chamblee’s advice! No matter what level of golf we play, the answers to long term fixes always seem to curve back to the fundamentals. What better place to start then with the grip? Harvey Penick said that he could take one look at a golfers grip and KNOW if he or she was a good player. What would he think if he saw your grip?

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you learned something today. PLAY WEL!!!

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