Watch as Golf Monthly instructor Paul Foston shares a great tip on how to get your weight transferring properly in the golf swing. The most common transition flaw among amateurs is the “hanging back” on the downswing. In other words, most high handicappers stay on their back foot and try to lift the ball causing inconsistent ball striking. Paul’s simple visual can fix countless swing issues without having to think about positions or ineffective swing thoughts that do not work for the average golfer.

More On Ball Striking

When you hold your finish, can you lift your right foot of the ground and tap your toe with ease? If not, then you are likely hanging back too much. Try some practice swings holding your finish. You should have most of your weight (90%) on your left foot. As you hold your finish, tap your toe 3 times. Do this 10-20 times before each round. It also makes for a great habit in the pre-shot routine. Remember, your thoughts should be easily translated by your body! This simple thought, if practiced consistently, will do wonders for your ball striking.

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