Watch as Dave Marsh of iGolfTV shows how to properly execute an age old drill designed to fight the slice. What’s to learn from this is not just the drill, but a clear understanding of what causes a slice. It is so important to understand swing flaws so that we can quickly apply simple drills that allow us to engrain corrections with simple feelings instead of cumbersome swing thoughts. That is why dropping the right foot in practice is so effective. It self corrects. If you just focus on trying NOT to swing over the top, you’ll soon need a straight jacket! Instead, just execute this simple drill in practice and go play golf!
More Tips For Slicers
One of the keys to allowing the swing path to stay on plane is a rhythmic transition. If you jerk the club at the top of the swing, you will almost certainly come over the top. Warm up with two clubs or invest in a heavy club or swing weight. These training aids are designed to slow down the transition and condition your body into feeling the club move in and down, not out and over.
Be Consistent
Remember, you shouldn’t just practice these drills until you hit the ball better. If slicing the ball is your predominant swing flaw, then the mentioned drills should be a part of your daily routine. Start the day by swinging a weighted club – a great way to warm up – and follow up by hitting a few balls with your right foot back. Consistently using drills to remind your body of what to do is the best way to make long lasting improvements in your game.
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