PGA Professional, Jon Paupore, explains what cause the shanks and how to use a simple drill to eliminate them. Balance is the key! As he states, the shank is caused by the hips moving over the toes and/or to the left introducing the hosel to the ball at impact. There is no room to deliver the club. It’s getting stuck to the extreme.

The good news is the cure is simple! You can try the Tin Cup technique by turning your hat backward and moving your pocket change from one side to another, but if you really want to say good bye to the shanks, take heed to Jon’s advice. Stay balanced and over the center or balls of your feet and feel like your rear end stays behind your feet throughout the swing.

The balance drill he describes uses Dyna Discs but if you don’t have access to them, you can roll up a towel into a log and aim it down the target line. You then stand on the towel feeling as though the towel is running through your arches. Take practice swings feeling as though your toes and heels remain equidistant from the ground in your backswing. You’ll notice that that your lower body muscles will engage creating a feeling of stability. This is what you want to feel like when you swing – like an athlete!

After you take some practice swings, hit a few chips shots then pitches and on to the full swing. Remember, golf is deceptively simple! If something goes wrong, ALWAYS turn your attention to the basic fundamentals. Is your grip right? Is your balance and set up athletic? Is your tempo in sync?

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you learned something today. PLAY WEL!

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