How to Hit Longer Golf Shots
Watch as Keith Wood eloquently describes how to keep your right arm and wrist from releasing too early in your downswing. Why? Most every high handicapper suffers from an early release of the golf club. This causes an over the top move resulting in pushes, pulls, hooks and slices! Learn to “hold your angles” and solve most of your swing flaws!
The great Harvey Penick described his “magic move” as the lead heel touching the ground while the right elbow moved down and in front of the body. All while “holding the angles as long as you possibly can.” Learn to do this and you will consistently hit the ball solid, straight and far.
Players Towel Tip
Another thing to think about is “relax”. A great way to do this is to practice or play with gum or a sunflower seed between your front teeth. The idea is to not bite down during your swing. By relaxing your jaw, you allow your whole body to stay loose. This is the key to hitting longer golf shots! Remember, swing speed has nothing to do with tension.
On The Range
On the range, put the gum between your teeth and just swing back and forth. Hear the club swing faster and faster. The “whoosh” sound should get higher and higher. You’ll be surprised at how much swing speed you can generate! Just stay within yourself, keep your balance and never swing at 100% effort!

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