Sometimes the eyes will teach you more than someone else’s verbal perspective on the golf swing. After all, most great athletes grew up imitating ones they aspired to be – Tom Brady and Joe Montana, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, etc. We tend to lose this opportunity early in golf. We are met with an onslaught of tips from people who have no business offering advice! “Keep your head down! Keep your left arm straight!” The list goes on. We lose our basic ability to look and learn. I bet that, on average, those who watch golf a lot play better golf. If you witness the right thing enough, something is bound to stick!
Watch as Ron Del Barrio swings with fluidity, simplicity and balance. Most golfers would probably be much better off just trying to feel like Ron looks! So watch, remember and apply. You never know, something great might happen!
Thanks for stopping by. We hope you learned something! PLAY WEL!

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3 Responses to “Golf Tips – Ron Del Barrio – Passive Golf Method”

  1. Gordon said:

    Nice video and if golfers can replicate Ron’s swing they certainly will improve their golf game

  2. Golf New Orleans said:

    What a great golf swing tip! It is true..when I first learned golf, I was inundated with bad info…made it very difficult to learn..

  3. Editor said:

    Yes Gordon..Ron’s swing is simple and pure…very intuitive.

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