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About Players Towel

Players Towel was originally designed for golf. Created by a former tour caddy, the aptly named Players Towel truly was conceived with the athlete in mind. The vast majority of all athletes use dysfunctional three fold towels or bath towels that look out of place and simply do not work well. Athletes have just learned to manage. In fact, most Players Towel users didn’t even know that they needed one until they had one! We truly have exposed the need for a better product by creating one.

Waffles Anyone?

The technology behind the Players Towel is truly unique. We call it Waffled Microfiber. The pattern and material work together to create the most absorbent, deep cleaning and aesthetically pleasing towel in sports. With years in development, Players Towel is now ready for the world! We are confident that athletes in all sports, worldwide, will use Players Towel as faithfully as touring pros – including Major Champions – in the world of golf.

One of a Kind!

When the day comes that Players Towel is in the hands of almost every athlete, yours will still be unique! With border colors, base colors, logos, and fonts for names and slogans, your Players Towel will always be a one of a kind! Our advanced custom features are great for companies, golf outings, tennis tournaments or any occasion. And, no gift is received like one that is personalized!
So welcome to the PlayersTowel.com Blog! We look forward to your input and comments! Have a great 2011 and beyond, and as always, God Bless and Play Wel!

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