If you’ve never been to Augusta National the week of the Masters Tournament, it is an experience that every golf enthusiast should live at least once. It is the one tournament in golf that may have more for the fans during the practice rounds than during the actual tournament. After all, for golf lovers, seeing the course for the first time is as awe inspiring as watching players navigate the golf course.

Entering Augusta National is not like entering any other place in the game. As you walk through the gates, there is virtually no sign of the golf course anywhere. There is a small courtyard with a food court, a pro shop and restrooms. It feels like an amusement park meets a botanical garden. From there you wind through pine forest for a while as you finally see fairways peaking through the trees. The elevation changes surprise anyone who sees the course for the first time.

After walking the course, my brother and I found a spot in the grandstands between the 15th and 16th holes. We watched as players hit second shots into the par 5 then turned around and watched the same players skip balls over the pond on the 16th – a tradition that has developed in recent years. Martin’s incredible shot reminds me of that day. It truly was a day to remember and an experience of a lifetime.

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