Do you have a friend who loves golf? When it is gift giving time, Players Towels are perfect! Players Towel is now Number 1 on the PGA, LPGA and European tours making us “The Players Choice”! Invented by a frustrated Tour Caddy, our product was designed to address the needs of the athlete. We asked ourselves, “How can we create a product that removes dirt better, absorbs more, and looks great?”

The Answer – Waffled Microfiber
Every Players Towel is composed of an advanced waffled microfiber pattern that cleans deeper and absorbs more. In the heat of the battle, Players Towel is what touring professionals have come to rely on. Nothing hinders performance like grime and perspiration. And the best players in the world cannot afford to take chances. Players Towel is the sure bet when it comes to form and function in a golf towel.

A UNIQUE Birthday Gift?
Customization is the key! Only at can you create completely unique birthday gifts for golfers. Unleash your creativity with font choices, color combinations, taglines, slogans, optional putter slit, custom logos, stock logos and more! Not only are Players Towels unique, they are a blast to make. Visit the ORDER NOW tab above and create your perfect birthday gift! Your golfing loved one will surely thank you for it!


We are very pleased to announce our support in Golf Fore Africa, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping orphaned children and those children made vulnerable by poverty and the AIDS pandemic. LPGA Hall of Famer, Betsy King is at the forefront of the organization showing that her heart is bigger than her game!

Golf Fore Africa Players Towel

We are honored to support Betsy and her foundation’s efforts to increase awareness and charitable contributions to those in need. We share the core belief that by providing resources, medical assistance and education, a positive future lies ahead for these disadvantaged kids.
“I would like to thank Patrick and Players Towel for their support of Golf Fore Africa’s 5th annual Vision of Hope LPGA Pro-Am Golf Tournament,” said Betsy King, LPGA Hall of Famer and founder of Golf Fore Africa.
If you would like to learn more about Golf Fore Africa and/or make a donation, visit today. Join in Betsy’s efforts to make our world a better place!


If you have a charity, company or event to promote, choosing the right promotional gift can make all the difference. For golf lovers, nothing says THANKS FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION like Players Towel! Invented by a former professional tour caddy, our product has become the #1 Accessory on the PGA, LPGA and European Tours. And, our unmatched customization features make Players Towel the perfect promotional golf gifts!

Imagine being able to pick colors, fonts, taglines, custom company logos and more! When your guests receive their Players Towel, they will cherish it! It is not like getting a golf shirt or a sleeve of balls. Nobody wears the same shirt every time they go golfing and EVERYONE loses golf balls! But, most everybody takes their Players Towel with them EVERY TIME they go golfing! Your guest will be reminded of your company, charity or event whenever they play golf. What’s more, Players Towel is a conversational accessory making our product the best way to promote your event long term!

Microfiber Golf Towels

Players Towel is the pioneer in microfiber golf towels. From the beginning, our focus was on function first. How can we create something that works better than any product on the market? The answer, of course was in our unique waffled microfiber composition. Our towels simply clean deeper and absorb more. For serious athletes, Players Towel has been the answer to dysfunctional alternatives like bath towels and funky three fold towels. With optimal size, composition and customization, Players Towels will surely WOW your guest and speak volumes about you and your company!

The Professionals Choice

Since our inception, PGA, LPGA and European Touring Professionals have chosen Players Towel as a serious part of their equipment. With dozens of worldwide victories including Major Championships, Ryder Cups, and Solheim Cups, Players Towel is without question the Players Choice! We would like to thank all of the great players and people who choose Players Towel. It is because of you we can say, “We are Number 1!”


Golf Putting Tips-Pray for your putting!

Posted on 02 24, 2012 by Editor

Yes, the title reads “Pray for your putting!” What I’m referring to is a drill that transformed my putting years ago. An old pro out of Long Beach, Ca taught me to put my hands together in the way you see people traditionally praying – except with the putter grip between the palms. What this does is instantly reduce the role of the hands and wrists. It also forces you to do what all great putters do – activate the shoulders, encouraging a pendulum stroke.

When you practice with this putting drill, use mid range putts from 10 to 15 feet. It is important, as with most drills, to not get fixated on making putts! In fact, don’t putt to a hole. Set up about 15 feet from the edge of the green and use this grip to try to get your ball to kiss the edge of the green on its final roll. Also, be aware of the muscles that are working to swing the putter. This is a great pre-round drill in that it heightens your kinesthetic awareness without you having to thinking about it!

Golf Putting Tips

We hope you learned something useful today! Thanks for visiting and, as always, PLAY WEL!!!


Unique Groomsmen Gifts–Players Towel Golf Towels

Posted on 02 13, 2012 by Editor

Are you looking for unique groomsmen gifts? If you and your best friends love golf, Players Towel is the way to go! Nothing says I CARE like personalization and there is no better custom golf gift than Players Towel! With dozens of worldwide wins, Players Towel has become the Number 1 Accessory on the PGA, LGPA and European Tours. With our popularity growing so quickly, it is no wonder that Players Towel is one of the hottest golf gifts in the world right now!


At you can customize with fonts, text, colors and more. You can even choose from a growing library of logos, including several designed specifically to make your groomsmen gift unique and memorable! If you have a logo of your own, let us know! You can easily personalize with your very own logos.

Players Towel is a great way to tie your gifts together while being able to say something different to each of your best friends. After you choose a font, you’ll have plenty of room for slogans or a joke between friends. Use a phrase between everyone in the group, or choose individual messages designed for each of the guys in your wedding. The possibilities are limitless!

Microfiber Golf Towel

Customization and form are nice, but what about function? There is a reason that we’ve become the favorite towel among professional athletes! Players Towel offers a unique, waffled microfiber that picks up dirt and absorbs more liquid. It simply works better. Your groomsmen will be as excited to use their Players Towel as they will be to receive it! Every time they tee it up, they’ll remember your big day and the bond you’ve created over the years!


Congratulations to Ryan Brown! You are the latest in the growing number of Players Towel Golf Giveaways Sweepstakes Winners! Great looking towel too. Nice job on the design Ryan! If you’re reading this and you are unaware of our Sweepstakes, visit and enter to win! It is Fun, Free and Ongoing. If you’re a fan, you’re in the game!

Players Towel

We are excited for Players Towel moving into 2012. Our expectation is to continue to improve. From a growing library of logos and fonts to new colors and compositions, our team is driven to provide you with a towel that is an unmatched utility and a beautiful accessory. Why else would so many PGA, LPGA and European Tour Professionals choose us?

The One and Only!

If it is true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we are blushing from the attention! There is and will always be ONE REAL Players Towel! If you’re serious about your game and you want the best equipment, then visit and create your One Of A Kind Players Towel today!



When I saw the title of this video, I had no idea that it would turn into a lesson on the right hand grip. It makes sense! The only connection between you and your club is the hands. No clubs will reveal your grip flaws like the long irons. You simply cannot get away with an overly strong or weak grip. It is the reason that most mid to high handicappers run for the hybrids.  And rightfully so!

If you’re a player with the will or need to master the long irons, then take heed to Brandel Chamblee’s advice! No matter what level of golf we play, the answers to long term fixes always seem to curve back to the fundamentals. What better place to start then with the grip? Harvey Penick said that he could take one look at a golfers grip and KNOW if he or she was a good player. What would he think if he saw your grip?

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Listen to one of the greatest putters of all time talk about what he learned from one of the greatest teachers of all time – Harvey Penick. Do you think Ben Crenshaw is passionate about putting? Who could forget the ridiculous putts that fell into the hole in the 95 Masters? Harvey passed away that week and it seemed as though something other than touch and talent coaxed the ball into the hole. Magical!


Putting Tips-Ian Baker Finch On Short Putts

Posted on 01 26, 2012 by Editor

Watch as the great Ian Baker Finch explains a simple putting drill that can help you narrow your focus and increase your confidence. Let’s face it. Those of us who are not consistent with our short putting lack confidences. Ian’s drill does two things:

  1. As stated, it narrows your focus. Putting to a tee is a lot more difficult than putting to a cup. But, you will be surprised at how often you actually hit the tee! This alone is a major confidence booster for anyone struggling with the flat stick.
  2. Second, it corrects the most frequent mechanical mistake that most poor putters suffer from – looking up! By focusing on the penny, your body will stay centered allowing for more consistent strikes on the sweet spot!

If you did nothing but narrow your focus and stay centered, your putting would vastly improve and your confidence would soar!

Taking It To The Course

Obviously you cannot put a tee in the ground when you’re on the golf course. So how do you keep your focus while playing? With short to medium putts, pick a blade of grass on the opposite side of the cup. Take aim at it while imagining that there is a penny under your putter. Simple! You will be shocked at how much better you putt! Your attention is now on your target, not your less than impressive track record!

We hope you learned something today! Thanks for stopping by and, as always, PLAY WEL!!


Sometimes the eyes will teach you more than someone else’s verbal perspective on the golf swing. After all, most great athletes grew up imitating ones they aspired to be – Tom Brady and Joe Montana, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, etc. We tend to lose this opportunity early in golf. We are met with an onslaught of tips from people who have no business offering advice! “Keep your head down! Keep your left arm straight!” The list goes on. We lose our basic ability to look and learn. I bet that, on average, those who watch golf a lot play better golf. If you witness the right thing enough, something is bound to stick!
Watch as Ron Del Barrio swings with fluidity, simplicity and balance. Most golfers would probably be much better off just trying to feel like Ron looks! So watch, remember and apply. You never know, something great might happen!
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