As we graciously reflect on 2011, we stand in awe and appreciation at the popularity that Players Towel is experiencing. It has always been our desire to bring to athletes a towel that stands alone as the best product that money can buy. We sacrifice a lot to make sure that you have unlimited customization features with a uniquely woven material that will outperform the competition. We operate with the faith that if we continue to stick to our commitment to quality, you will continue to use Players Towel!

The Professional’s Choice Is Clear

In 2011 we dominated the PGA, LPGA and European Tours! With 20 wins, including 2 Majors in 2011, Players Towel has now accumulated 30 wins and 5 Majors since its introduction in 2009. There is no doubt that Winners Choose Players Towel! Again we operate on the faith that if our product is the best, the best will seek our product. And we are truly grateful to all of the Elite Touring Professionals as well as the grinders on the mini tours who battle week in and week out to make it. Thanks to all of you!

And to the rest of you, from weekend warriors to accomplished amateurs, Thank You! You are what Players Towel is all about! We will always offer you the exact same product that we offer professionals! Your Players Towel will be as unique and functional as the ones that past and future Major Champions rely on down the stretch!

With great anticipation, we look towards 2012. We wish all of you a Happy New Year filled with Fairways, Greens and Birdies! PLAY WEL!!!

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  1. Golf NYC said:

    WOW! What an amazing year! What a story!

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