Players Towel is excited to announce the launch of Players Towel Sweepstakes! Every week we will select a winner from our Facebook Fans and give them a Fully Customized Players Towel. Just visit and Enter. As long as you’re a FAN, you’re in the GAME!

About Players Towel

Players Towel made its initial footprint in the world of golf. Developed by an ex-tour caddy, Players Towels were created out of the frustration of having to turn dysfunctional, ugly bath towels into golf towels. With Waffled Microfiber and full customization features, Players Towels are perfect for sports. In short, they work better and they look great. What more could you want in your equipment?

Not Just a Golf Towel

In a relatively short period of time, Players Towel became dominant on the PGA, LPGA and European Tours. With wins and successes mounting, we are positioned and ready to make similar moves in Tennis and the other major sports! All sports require the drying of hands, grips or sweat off of the brow. Why settle for less when you can have a Players Towel!

Thanks Players Towel Fans for all of your support over the years! Remember to visit and enter the sweepstakes! Good Luck and as always, PLAY WEL!

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