If you have a charity, company or event to promote, choosing the right promotional gift can make all the difference. For golf lovers, nothing says THANKS FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION like Players Towel! Invented by a former professional tour caddy, our product has become the #1 Accessory on the PGA, LPGA and European Tours. And, our unmatched customization features make Players Towel the perfect promotional golf gifts!

Imagine being able to pick colors, fonts, taglines, custom company logos and more! When your guests receive their Players Towel, they will cherish it! It is not like getting a golf shirt or a sleeve of balls. Nobody wears the same shirt every time they go golfing and EVERYONE loses golf balls! But, most everybody takes their Players Towel with them EVERY TIME they go golfing! Your guest will be reminded of your company, charity or event whenever they play golf. What’s more, Players Towel is a conversational accessory making our product the best way to promote your event long term!

Microfiber Golf Towels

Players Towel is the pioneer in microfiber golf towels. From the beginning, our focus was on function first. How can we create something that works better than any product on the market? The answer, of course was in our unique waffled microfiber composition. Our towels simply clean deeper and absorb more. For serious athletes, Players Towel has been the answer to dysfunctional alternatives like bath towels and funky three fold towels. With optimal size, composition and customization, Players Towels will surely WOW your guest and speak volumes about you and your company!

The Professionals Choice

Since our inception, PGA, LPGA and European Touring Professionals have chosen Players Towel as a serious part of their equipment. With dozens of worldwide victories including Major Championships, Ryder Cups, and Solheim Cups, Players Towel is without question the Players Choice! We would like to thank all of the great players and people who choose Players Towel. It is because of you we can say, “We are Number 1!”

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