Do you have a friend who loves golf? When it is gift giving time, Players Towels are perfect! Players Towel is now Number 1 on the PGA, LPGA and European tours making us “The Players Choice”! Invented by a frustrated Tour Caddy, our product was designed to address the needs of the athlete. We asked ourselves, “How can we create a product that removes dirt better, absorbs more, and looks great?”

The Answer – Waffled Microfiber
Every Players Towel is composed of an advanced waffled microfiber pattern that cleans deeper and absorbs more. In the heat of the battle, Players Towel is what touring professionals have come to rely on. Nothing hinders performance like grime and perspiration. And the best players in the world cannot afford to take chances. Players Towel is the sure bet when it comes to form and function in a golf towel.

A UNIQUE Birthday Gift?
Customization is the key! Only at can you create completely unique birthday gifts for golfers. Unleash your creativity with font choices, color combinations, taglines, slogans, optional putter slit, custom logos, stock logos and more! Not only are Players Towels unique, they are a blast to make. Visit the ORDER NOW tab above and create your perfect birthday gift! Your golfing loved one will surely thank you for it!

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